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17th - 18th Century
Height: 95 cm

Cross 17th or 18th century

Dimensions H. 95 cm
Cabinet consists of black-colored woods, presumably pineebony veneered on oak, and has been restored.
The Corpus is brass, and is cast according to lost wax method, and galvanized gild. The reliquaries are closed with a cast or pressed glass window.
The relics themselves: two fragments are clearly of human origin. The few small bone fragments we examined are largely of human origin and some come from the same individual despite the different (usually illegible) names on the labels.
There are no documents that the reliquaries are sealed or "canonized" by the authorities.
Note: the two "portraits" of Maria (?) And Johannes are good tempera paintings.
The central Virgin and Child statues from polychrome terracotta, the cloak is even decorated with golden crosses.
Only the head of OLV is replaced and possibly younger.

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